Who Am I?

I am a young Woman, ready and determined to succeed in life.

I work as a Software Analyst in a company that has allowed me to
experience many things, such as working with great teams, know the
experience of many companies currently working with software development
and learn from each of them a little more.

My line of expertise is the software development even though I know the
entire development life cycle since I’ve been grown in almost every
department in my young age.

I consider myself as good with the deep systems analysis because I tend
to draw in my mind the final product, I have good communication with
project stakeholders and understand the technical language as much as
the Managing language.

I have participated in leading software projects in major banks in the
country, as well as insurance and telecommunications companies.

I have been preparing in Management requirements and Software
Architecture based on SOA, new development methodologies to name a few
as (Dicliplined Agile Delivery), RUP, Lean among others, together with a
great team of professionals whom I have learned a lot and I owe them
all for now. We have managed to get systems from zero (0) to imagine and

I tend to be very committed to my job, and I have learned that
self-motivation is the key to success, I have made many mistakes in the
past that are now my strengths.

I love working in a team and motivating things that fit well, because they become my own accomplishments.

I have been facing critical projects with excellent management and good
teamwork we managed to succeed despite the obstacles obtained.

At my age I consider myself privileged to have met so many people who
have made ​​me a professional in every sense of the word and happy to
belong to this career :).